Twenty Questions with Kyle Guadagnolo

4/22/11 2:06 PM

Twenty Questions with Kyle Guadagnolo

Name: Kyle Guadagnolo   

Position: Defense                                                              

Years Playing Lacrosse: since 7th grade

Hometown: Jordan, NY                                  

Favorite place to visit/live: parents house in Jordan

College: Syracuse University

Most Memorable Lacrosse Moment: winning the 2008 national championship

Nickname: Guad

What is “Must See TV” for you? ESPN  

What is your favorite video game? Modern Warfare

Favorite Food: cheeseburgers

Favorite Movie: Dumb and Dumber

Favorite Band: Pearl Jam

Favorite Actress: Jessica Biel

Favorite Actor: Will Ferrell

Favorite Athlete: Michael jordan  

Favorite Sports Team: Rochester Rattlers

First Job:construction

Worst Job: substitute teaching

What would you be doing if not a Pro Lacrosse player: relaxing on the weekends  

What is your hidden talent: I don't have one

The weirdest autograph request you’ve ever had? Give a kid my cup and sign it. 

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